Sivagamiyin Sabatham Novel Download (Tamil PDF)

Sivagamiyin Sabatham Novel Download

The reviewed Download Link for Sivagamiyin Sabatham Tamil Novel PDF Download is below. Other Download names Sivagami’s Sapadham Novel PDF download.

Sivakami Sapadham is one of the famous Tamil compositions written by Kalki. Sivagami’s Vow was serialized in a weekly magazine in the 1940s. The resulting story was later published as a novel.

This work is based on the events that took place during the reign of Mahendravarma Pallavan I. A prince named Narasimha I plays an important role in this story.

Sivagamiyin Sabatham Tamil Novel PDF Download


The story covers the war situation at Kanchi and the ensuing Pallava war on Vadapi, the capital of the Chalukya kingdom.

Paranjothi Yatra

The story begins with Paranjodiyar’s visit to Kanchi. We can also learn about the conversion of Kanchi by the Jains who encountered him on the way.

Her lover and prince, Narasimha Pallavar, King Biparamarinder, visits Sivakami, a dancer well-versed in Bharata.

Siege of Kanchi

Seven months later, Paranjyothiyar is an excellent army leader who has earned the respect of Mahendravarma.

As the war with the Chalukyas approached, Paranjodiyar returned home and became very friendly with Prince Narasimha at Kanchi.

Naganandi won Sivagami’s favor by offering her a great opportunity to dance in the Chola Pandyan countries.

Bhikshu’s Love

Pulikesi, who had come there thinking of breaking the wall of Kanchi, was disappointed. Kanji was so strong.

Sivakami, along with other prisoners, was taken to Vatabi. Naganandi told Pulikesi that he had fallen in love with Sivakami.

A broken dream
Nine years have passed.

His father-in-law Mahendra Pallavar, who was on his deathbed after being injured in the battle with Pulikesi, died a heroic death without recovering.

Returning to the country, Sivakami died of heartbreak thinking that her dream had been shattered after learning that her lover was the husband of another woman.


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