Siddhar Bogar 7000 PDF Book Download (Tamil)

Siddhar Bogar 7000 PDF Book Download

Siddhar Bogar 7000 Book in Tamil PDF Free Download Below. Let us see the History of Tamil siddhar Bogar. Moreover, Bogar is one of the 18 siddhar. Bogar has been described in varying traditions as a Tamil siddhar Belonging to kulalar who lived sometime between 550 and 300 BCE.

According to epigraphical sources and his book Bogar, Seven thousand his period is around 3000 B.C. Bogar was born at India and visited China in search of the truth of life. Bogar gained knowledge in medicine, astrology, spirituality, yoga, etc.


As an expert in medicine, he used 4448 rare herbs and made 9 poisonous medicine, mixing these 9 poisons into one needs great knowledge and skill, to make a Master of Medicine

Moreover, Bogar went from Tamil Nadu to China and taught about enlightenment, he mentioned one of his songs “Bogar 7000, song 6”. On the other hand, Bogar is considered a contemporary of Thirumoolar. Samadhi for Bogar is reported in at least six places in Tamil Nadu.

It is said that Bogar created the statue of Murugan at the hill temple in Palani by mixing nine herbs (Navapashanam) using a unique procedure. In fact, He also established the temple for Murugan in Poombarai Kuzhanthai Velappar temple Kodaikanal Tamilnadu, India.

There is an extant statue of Tamil Lord Murugan by Navaphasanam. However, The priests of Palani Murugan temple were said to have been the descendants of Pulipani, one of Bogar’s students, until the sixteenth century.

Furthermore, According to Siddha medicine documents, Bogar was the discoverer of an elixir of immortality. Pharmacognosy is the best-known of his treatises. In addition, His other works are on yoga and archery, and a glossary of medicine.


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