Parthiban Kanavu Novel Download PDF (Tamil)

Parthiban Kanavu Novel Download PDF

In fact, Parthiban Kanavu is a famous Tamil novel written by Kalki Krishnamurthy.

Parthiban Kanam is a popular historical novel serialized by Kalki Krishnamurthy in Kalki magazine. It was later published as a book.



In this historical story, how the dream of the Chola King Parthiban is fulfilled through his son is beautifully told.

Historical characters like Narasimha Pallavan and Paranjothi called Siruthondar appear in this story.

The Chola Empire, which was once an empire, became a vassal state of the Pallavas.

It was a petty kingdom with no freedom to pay tribute to the Pallavas. The Chola king Parthiban enlightens his son Vikraman that the Chola kingdom must regain its lost glory.

Parthiban, who refuses to pay tribute to the Pallava king Narasimhavarman, valiantly fights the Pallava king and dies.

After this the story narrates how the Chola nation gained independence from the Pallavas.

A major part of the story revolves around the Chola prince Vikraman, the boatman Ponnan, Ponnan’s wife Valli, and the Chola Senadipadi Marappa Bhupati.

In between, a person dressed as a Shiva devotee comes and helps the prince.

Then the person who came in this form of Shiva was none other than the Pallava Emperor Narasimha.

Meanwhile, the story also shows Narasimhan’s activities against human sacrifice.

There are also incidents about one of the 63 Nayanmars, Paranjothi Addi or Nayanar known as Siruthondar.

Siruthondar was the general who led Narasimhan’s army up to Vadapi and killed Pulikesi in his capital Vadapi.

Readers who read Parthiban Kaana after reading Kalki’s Sivakami’s Sapadham Budhinam may appreciate that many of the characters from Sivagami’s Sapadham continue in Parthiban Kaana.

True historical characters
Although it is known as a novel, it is based on historical characters and events. The following characters are true historical figures.

  • Narasimha Pallava I
  • Siruthondar – General of Narasimha’s army
  • Pulikesi II – Chalukya king
  • Xuanzong – Chinese traveller
  • Measures to prevent Narasimha’s human sacrifice


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