Hoti nahi MoHaBBat surat se Hoti nahi MoHaBBat surat se, MoHaBBaT to dil se hoti hai, surat unki khud hi pyari lagti hai, kadar jinki dil me hoti hai.

#Miss You Shayari

Din bhi thik se nahi gujarta Or ye raat bahut tadpaati hai, Kya karu janu teri yaad hi… Mujhe itni satati hai

#Miss You Shayari

Iss Dill Maii Pyarr Thaa Kitnaa Wo Jaann Letee To Kya Baat Hotii Humne Manga tha Unhe Khudaa See Wo Bhii Maang Letee Too Kya Hotaa

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